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ASN Advanced Sports Go Food Bar-Coconut

Company: ASN

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ASN Advanced Sports Go Food Bar Cashew Coconut.

Three Core Ingredients for Delicious Protein Bar; Egg Whites for protein, Dates for energy and nuts for healthy fats and fiber.

Go Food Bar:

  • No Soy.

  • No Gluten.

  • No Dairy.

  • No Added sugar.

  • No Preservatives.

  • No Artificial Flavors.

Nutrition Facts:


12 G

Total Carbs

27 G

Total Sugars 

15 G

Dietary Fiber

6 G



Specifications for " ASN Advanced Sports Go Food Bar-Coconut "

Company : ASN
Origin : Egypt
Weight : 56 G
Servings : 1 serving
Flavor : Cashew Coconut
Formation : Protein Bar
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